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Posted 2022-02-12 11:51:00

Hello and welcome! Feel free to say a few words about yourself. :)

About myself: I'm m15o, your host, as I'm writing those lines I'm officially on vacation for a whooping two weeks which means I'm extra excited. I enjoy eating, drinking and breathing like most people. I also love simple things, and connecting with others. Excited to start this place!

Favorite drink: Coffee


Posted 2022-02-12 17:15:27

Hello, I'm Melon! Some of you may know me from such places as the hill I often walk up (ugh I hate the hill).

As a life long fan of m15os sites, I in fact have 2 bookmarked on my bookmark bar (a high value property space) perhaps this will become a 3rd :O I tried making my own m15o type site, but it turns out I'm lazy :O

Anyway, I look forward to checking back on this forum and typing words.

Favorite drink: In-N-Out Burger Strawberry Milkshake & Melon Soda (Neither of which are sold near this cursed hill :^[ )

I live at maybe you can find me there???!?!????

Posted 2022-02-12 17:38:20

hey, im kenny. just doing whatever exploring the website. in my spare time i make unprofessional websites, play bass, and complain on the internet.

favorite drink? sprite zero 🥴


Posted 2022-02-12 18:49:48

Hiii melon and lifegrips!

> I tried making my own m15o type site, but it turns out I'm lazy :O

Ohhhh now I'm getting interested in what the website was! :P

Love the simple aesthetic and colors of your site, lifegrips. Welcome!


Posted 2022-02-12 19:05:19

helo, ene ni en ion zi ihrenadlaret. Ni en person cymraag su en hozat crei iaaq e cyfrolbocs hritcrei.

Helo, Mae enw i yn Jon y mewnhadlwr. Rydym yn Gymro sy'n hoffi creu ieithoedd ac rhaglenni.

Hello, My name is john the inhaler. I like making languages and programming.

yn y gof a'r hyn wnaeth digwydd, y bywydai ai colli, cofiwn y byd des cyn, ni gadai yr tân i diffodd.

Posted 2022-02-12 20:58:40

Hey once again! I came here from, the forum software powering this place.

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Posted 2022-02-13 04:38:45

Now my 2nd post, If I knew about this topic I wouldn't have made that other topic, I don't have anything else to say.


Posted 2022-02-13 13:32:51

Hi everyone, grizzly here aka supergrizzlybear on and

I like playing indie games, watching cartoons and listening to vinyl records. I struggle with anxiety from time to time. And I'm vegan.

Drink: Oat milk flat white


Posted 2022-02-13 23:46:55

helloo! what a cool space this is :-D excited to see the m15o-verse grow!

about me: i'm cinni and i make lots of stuff, but my main home on the web is =^..^= i like collecting gifs, making games/websites/3d art, punk music, and whispering into teh void.

favorite drink: sparkling sake with jelly!


Posted 2022-02-14 00:29:06

Wow, this feels so smol!

Hey everyone, I'm BiRabittoh, italian.

My interests include free software, videogames, crypto and much more...

You can visit my website both on gemini and https at //

Here's hoping this website will one day be at least readable from gemini!

My two websites in different flavors: serious, retro, retro with no js.

Posted 2022-02-14 09:38:01

Welcome ice, grizzly, cinni and birabittoh!


Posted 2022-02-14 18:54:08

Hello. I'm starbreaker, a grumpy old techie, out-of-print sf author, and long-haired metalhead. I'm a New Yorker in exile, and OD'ed at an early age on JRPGs and music by Judas Priest and the Blue Öyster Cult.


Posted 2022-02-14 19:50:08

Hi! The name's HIRAETH, and I mess around with vocal synths and play games.

I don't have much to say, but you can find my site at !


Posted 2022-02-15 03:24:36

Hi, aoeu here. I like using the internet in my spare time.

My favorite drink? Tea.


Posted 2022-02-15 10:47:01

i'm kaj! just a furry girl who likes making websites and stuff

favorite drink: peach tea monster!


Posted 2022-02-22 21:17:38

Hi! I'm lazybones. I don't know what I walked into but I think I like it here.

I also like the internet and webstuff.


Posted 2022-02-22 22:09:14

Hi I'm Di . Found this place through the web revival circles ^_^

My favorite drink... the healthy answer is water, the honest answer may be chocolate milk or smoothies..


Posted 2022-02-25 13:43:36

Hello, I'm Arwen. I enjoy music, making static websites (but am super freaking cynical about the old web revival), all things Tolkien, general nerdery, and writing. And dogs. Dogs are good.

My favourite drink is a Sonic Screwdriver. (Basically a screwdriver, but made with Sunkist/Fanta/[insert-orange-soft-drink-here]).


Posted 2022-02-25 17:15:28

Greetings lazybones, dii and evenstar! Lucky to have you here!


Posted 2022-02-26 17:15:49


I'm R.

I like cool websites

Omnes spes demortae sunt

Posted 2022-03-01 12:12:33

Hey, I'm Meloran, I live over at my neocities (below) on the net. I've heard murmurings around the old web circles about this place, so I decided to come check it out! I like the functionality of being able to put a status update easily on my site, it's pretty rad.

My favourite drink is cafe mocha!


Posted 2022-03-04 06:08:51

Welcome rrraksamam and Meloran! Really like your website's layout gh0stprince!


Posted 2022-03-09 04:48:12

Hi, I'm a user from

I also like cool websites.

Duck from created and he just came back.

Posted 2022-03-18 04:47:37

hey y'all; I go by many names but on here I'm lilliphilia, & radiolullaby on

I try to lurk as a general rule, only I had a question (feature request for actually -- can I ask that here?) and it felt rude to just dive in & ask;

besides, I'm trying to regain my oldweb confidence of actually participating and not watching.

about me:

I write things for people and computers (iow I write fiction and code), sometimes I write things in collaboration with computers, I'm a musician, a (mostly 90s) anime fan, and a friend of evenstar.

nice to meet everyone ^^


Posted 2022-03-18 05:12:00

Great to meet you lilliphilia! I just saw your site and I love how it looks. Happy to you have you in here!

> I had a question (feature request for actually -- can I ask that here?)

Yesss please! Feel free to write in here or send it over at m15o @ posteo dot net. Curious to hear more about it.


Posted 2022-03-18 06:00:15

Thanks m15o, that's really kind of you!

My question is pretty simple (in theory).

I was wondering if there's a way in settings we could have the option of headers and footers for pages, as well as for /posts and single post layouts?

Perhaps we already have such a thing, and I just haven't found it, but if not, perhaps it could be added sometime down the track, if you agree it would be useful. ^.^

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Posted 2022-03-18 06:35:45
> I was wondering if there's a way in settings we could have the option of headers and footers for pages, as well as for /posts and single post layouts?

This is actually a great idea! I'll be thinking of a nice way to add this. Thanks for the suggestion, and keep them coming if you have more.


Posted 2022-03-20 13:31:19

heheheheheh hello

my name is ashley and i go by she/they/rave/it

hwjdbyduwb i always liked forums like this

my favorite drink is the orange soda at masons, they're really good

i like video games, old web, art, bla bla bla, glitter graphics, etc etc

hello bitches its me ashley grimm

Posted 2022-03-23 20:45:30

Hello there! You may know me from Neocities and the Yesterweb community.

I enjoy making web pages and drawing cartoons. I also like to drink water because it keeps me hydrated as I surf the internet, work on my college assignments, and doodle on Photoshop.

I'm a wanderer!

Posted 2022-04-09 19:11:35

Hey guys! I'm Airdoggy, from Spain. I'm looking forward to make new virtual friends and make the internet grow. :)

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Posted 2022-04-14 02:36:02

a bit late to the party but hello hello hello! i'm king (they/it), aspiring web dev (though a coding novice) who's a fan of many a media, but especially anything pertaining to visual arts or rp/storytelling. i grew up on a lot of oldweb games but no forums, so being here feels like taking back a missed opportunity from when i was young, in a silly little way. happy to be here!


Posted 2022-04-19 19:39:35

Hey I'm yot!

It's really nice to finally find a little place like this :)

I like watching cartoons, and little bit of anime. I also like programming and enjoy jumping from one project to the next. Also, like some of you I'm also interested in the old/indie web.


Posted 2022-04-24 23:19:54

hi im sylvania :)

i go by she/her, my first language is spanish and i like all thingss related to making art & crafts, music, etc

favourite drink is (almost) anything with fruit juice. love orange juice, apple juice, juice juice juice ⸜("ˊᗜˋ")⸝

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ଘ(੭´꒳`)°* ੈ‧₊˚

Posted 2022-05-01 14:52:31

hi i'm vincent, pronouns are he/it

i'm an amateur web developer, i work in a library, and i hope to go into museum curation as my career.

i really like dr. pepper. soooo much.


Posted 2022-05-06 19:04:57

hewwo im forest :-) i use he/they or ve/vir if you are especially spicy.

i make 3d stuff! and 2d stuff! but more importantly under this name i curate a little website that i consider a love letter to many sites i went on as a little kid.

i enjoy wizards and animals and the woods and stuff like that. and my girlfriend!!!


Posted 2022-05-26 03:27:50

heya, they call me will (he/him)

I like to make things on the computer and I am a huge fan of anything with ten or more legs.

Favourite drink: hot chocolate


Posted 2022-05-30 21:12:36

I'm Pepyo, I'm primarily a digital artist but I hope to gain more knowledge in the ways of programming and 3D modelling >:)

My favorite drink is white gourd tea (also called winter melon tea)!


Posted 2022-06-05 23:55:19

hi, i'm cepheus (he/him) and i'm in my 20s. i like to write & work in healthcare atm. i love y2k and late 2000s nostalgia, as well as looking at pixel art. i also like to rewatch sad cartoons.

favourite drink: tea or anything sweet and cherry flavoured. also cider.

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Posted 2022-06-06 01:05:48

Heyo! Decided to join the forum as well ^^

I´m Sky (you can call me sky or paula)

A self-taught artist who loves drawing ocs (and birds). I really like watching documentaries, series and playing games as well.

I also love to collect crystals and (try) to grow plants. (especially love Philodendrons and orchids)

Favorite Drink: Either mint tea or cocoa milk


Posted 2022-06-06 10:16:12

Hello everyone!

I have just joined and wanted to say hi :)

I am an ancient being, and this feels like the old internet when I first spawned into the net.

I like cats, art, tea, experimenting with weird buggy shell scripts, and heavy metal.

I play D&D with a group of close friends. We meet every Friday night. Have been doing that for the past... huh... 25 years? Something like that. Lost count. They are like family to me.

When I am not at work I like to read, paint (self taught, it's for fun only), run, and sit at my computer.


Posted 2022-06-15 16:20:36

Hello friends!

I am Zusk, a indie unity developer and modder.

I enjoy little tight-nit communities like this, so can't wait to meet you all!


Posted 2022-07-21 15:36:46

hi I am lime360 and I like the small web communities like this one


Posted 2022-07-31 15:05:49

Hi! I am Cami , or taro!

I am joining the small web recently!

I am ialian, 22 y.o. , i love drawing and cooking!

I am kinda bad at intrductions so i'll leave it at this, i'm sure we'll know eachther more soon!


Posted 2022-08-08 07:19:16

Thank you very much for letting me join the status cafe


Posted 2022-08-20 09:32:51

Hey!! I'm Natasha, 24 (soon 25) y.o software developer. You can find me at although my site is still in progress

Trans software developer extraordinaire! You can find me here!

Posted 2022-08-29 20:43:10

Hi! I'm a french web developer with a french blog full of weird software projects and unhealthy food reviews among other things, and a wiki in english for random notes. I also have a home on and a co-founder of a tilde dedicated to baking bread.

My interests change quite quickly and I can't stay focused on one thing at once, so my projects include generating hundreds of feeds for transportation accident reports, making a GUI for a thesaurus on Windows 2000 and later, writing an RSS feed about RSS feeds, writing a C# tool to send your data to nowhere but in the cloud, scanning Wi-Fi networks for OpenStreetMap, writing an SQL query that generates a shell script that generates an map of said networks, or writing 15 french blog posts to end up making a 9MB regular expression to validate a geospatial format.

I also have over a hundred notebooks and intend to use every single one of them, and I like to write in them while sipping pretty much any hot drink. I love hot drinks, even when it is extremely hot outside, and always have weeks of supplies for coffee, hot chocolate, hot white chocolate, chicory, etc. and only recently started testing various blends of tea. Feel free to recommend me your favorite tea!


Posted 2022-09-06 14:24:52

Hello everyone! I'm a French dropout C developer. I love art, with preference towards experimental visual and audio art. I'm passionate with game creation and movie critique among other things.

This community looks lovely! Have a nice day y'all.

My favorite drink is sparkling water.

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Posted 2022-09-06 20:54:52

Greetings! I'm Lyes, Algerian male who recently turned 24. I don't really know how to describe myself; I'm pretty basic—a traditional Linux enthusiast who enjoys anime and video games. However, I'm also quite interested in fitness, going to the gym three times a week on average.

Recently, I've been practicing my drawing and web development skills, which led me by accident to visit a number of websites via webrings. It was then that I discovered and fell in love with the idea!

Doing this is quite rare for me because I tend to be more on the introverted side of things.

I appreciate you allowing me to join! 😊

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Posted 2022-09-06 22:51:40

Hello I’m Aubergine! I’m an illustrator and artist currently based in UK doing my art studies. I also love old Internet forums. I wanna develop my own blog for my art and thoughts. I wanna connect to people who like the same things I do :~)

I love black coffee

If anyone wants to talk drop me an email

Posted 2022-09-07 22:32:25

Hi! I'm Cygnoir and I love this place already. My favorite beverage is strong black tea.


Posted 2022-09-11 00:22:02

hiii i'm molly and i'm a communications and journalism student lol

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Posted 2022-09-25 18:47:37

hi i'm plantovision, i make silly little video games and i'll probably post about them on here when i have something presentable

LOOK AT THESE GLOWING REVIEWS OF [me]: "He punched out all of my blood!" -scout tf2 (she/her)

Posted 2022-09-30 16:05:15

hi my name is emerald! to be honest im very new to any form of programing but i would like to learn. i do like small communities like this though. its nice to be here :>

fav drink: tea, ive been drinking a lot of chamomile lately


Posted 2022-10-02 20:38:32

hello!! my name is light :D i live on neocities (see below), feel free to add me! my favorite drink is green tea. i'm 19 and have a lot of hobbies actually... but my biggest one atm is html/css. my favorite band is mcr. glad to be here!!


Posted 2022-10-02 21:25:43

HIEEEE my name is lucifer but u can also call me dove or amanda! i love love love horror movies, music, video games, and a whole lotta other shit. my favorite drink is coffee!!!

heres my neocities!


Posted 2022-10-17 01:45:53

ewwo! im katie ampersand, i make a lot of random art stuff. i love things that turn abstractions into concrete elements and my favorite media genre is "new weird" which is just stuff like homestuck, infinity train, etc. My favorite videogame is rain world

my website is and my webcomic is, both made in neocities

i make what is probably art. check it at

Posted 2022-11-01 18:02:44

Hi everyone! I'm Crynge I've never been on a m15o site before, but I love what I've seen so far! :D

My interests are horror movies, weird chill games, heavy metal & vaporwave, (among other things)! I'm the sort of person that needs a million projects to keep their brain occupied, but I find peace in the chaos~

I've been feeling really nostalgic for old-net-style forums & the like and this seemed like a really chill place to tool around and hang out!

Favorite Drinks: Coffee in the morning & Margaritas at night! :3

A weird little internet gremlin! An oldbie that remembers geocities and the Anime Web Turnpike. 4-6-4-9! :3

Posted 2022-11-19 22:21:41

hiiii i'm zapazza, and i'm new to this but i'm open to friends!!!!

i enjoy extreme horror movies and i'm a dc fan


Posted 2022-11-27 16:43:00

Hello, I'm Matt. I like graphic design, video games, and horror novels. This seems like a neat place. Thanks for making it, m15o!


Posted 2022-12-14 04:29:03

I've been using for a little bit but never really popped in here, hello! I'm Myst, I'm an artist, desktop musician (I make things with VOCALOID and other vocalsynths a lot) and I'm currently neck deep in the Lupin III fandom. I love oldweb stuff and my site (in signature) is hosted on Neocities!


Posted 2022-12-21 10:37:41

Hiya! I'm Gene, and I like to draw silly stuff. I used to be into fandoms but I've gradually shifted my attention to my own stories :] I also like to code a little bit, and my main project is to finish working on my own personal corner of the internet :D Interests include playin games and reading books. This is such a cozy place to be! Wishing a good day for everyone :3


Posted 2023-01-22 18:24:07

Hello, I'm Sawyer! I've recently gotten really into webmastery. My site is Ignore the suboptimal layout/styling, I'm currently in the process of updating it. I'm not really sure what else to say lol.


Posted 2023-01-26 11:24:06

Hi, I'm Shabble (he/she/they)! I'm just a nonbinary horse with wings who likes playing games, and occasionally works on their website when not lazy. I'm also autistic. I live at !

If I'm not here, I might be at home getting addicted to Bejeweled again -

Posted 2023-01-26 18:24:30

Hey all! I'm Ryan (he/him), your average programming/computer nerd. You'll usually find me gaming or working on my many, many, miscellaneous scripts and programs (or watching anime lazily). One of these days I'll host something neat on a domain of my own

Found this lovely little nook through a friend, glad to be here at least a little bit before it's 1 year old.

Favorite drink? I live for Dr. Pepper

Hope you all are having a good day!

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Posted 2023-01-26 18:40:30

Hiya! I'm David, but you can call me Kori or Davi. (they/them :P) I love making silly little videos on the internet and gaming. I'm currently in the process of changing my website from a shitty little link page into something really cool that I made with my own two hands. Ryan also has like 10 cans of dr. pepper on his desk right now btw.

Favorite Drink: the blood of my enemies (50% fruit punch 50% lemonade)

shadow is probably a bottom - - Status Cafe Profile

Posted 2023-02-12 23:07:08

Hi!! I'm Key (she/her) and I found this site after digging through Neocities. I love drawing, music, and video games (my current favorite game is FFXIV :) ) I'm working on getting my site put together since I'm learning everything about HTML along the way. I haven't got much else to say other than I hope you're all having a good time :D

Favorite Drink: lemonade :)


Posted 2023-02-18 12:19:45

Hi I am mew. I found myself into the simple web because I was bored of the internet that almost everyone overused. I love reading personal and tech blogs!


Posted 2023-03-22 10:27:10

hello! im zack :D (they/them), i found this website through someone's website and i think this website looks rlly cool so i decided to join it :D i like to draw a lot hehe, im also learning how to code too! its rlly fun so far but also hard, but im trying my best!

and,, uhm uhm favorite drink isss,,, teaaa :3!

a bunny

Posted 2023-03-25 23:55:41

Hi, I'm Zagura (they/them), found this place several times by clicking links on cool people's websites, finally decided to join. I like programming (currently obsessed with making a language) and drawing.

Favorite drink: Glühwein (mulled wine) i think


Posted 2023-03-26 07:10:54

hii, i'm viter =D (he/him), i found this site through another fun one and thought it would be cool to join! i really like music in general but especially kpop, jpop and trance stuff!! i'm learning how to code at a really slow pace too and hope i get better with time ^⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠^

favorite drink: orange juice and water lol


Posted 2023-04-01 07:48:46

Hi! I'm Smithy and seeing the status widget on others' sites piqued my interest! Currently working on making my own site and while i def need to learn more css i am pretty proud of what i have so far! you can check it out below!

Favorite drink: Root Beer!


Posted 2023-04-01 20:08:33

Hi, I'm Lizzie and I love plushies! I used to make websites as a kid and got back into it a couple years ago. :)

When I found the status updates on a few other Neocities sites I thought it was such a fun idea. <3 You can visit me at


Posted 2023-04-01 23:13:24

hi you can call me tea or gray! i like video games, web stuff, drawing, and weird little nugget technology. you can visit my site at

favorite drink is water or black tea with milk. B)

mama mia

Posted 2023-04-06 14:51:46

I'm levya! I like exploring fun stuff around the indie web, playing video games (especially rpgs), drawing silly little characters, and going for hikes. my site is at

favorite drink is hazelnut iced coffee! (only iced, I don't like hot drinks that much)


Posted 2023-04-23 04:03:57

My name is michael! I love kirby and earthbound!!! and coding HTML!!! I also love to draw and clean! my site is still being coded but its almost finished! just adding finishing touches! but here is my site --->

its just filler at the moment :/

my favorite drink is water and iced coffee! i dont like hot coffee all that much :/ iced just tastes sweeter, but i add a bunch of sugar and chocolate

i like earthbound and kirby

Posted 2023-04-25 19:50:18

Hey there, I'm Nicholas! I'm a 20-something guy that likes cooking, playing video games, and drawing my beefy bara OCs. I have a website ( which mostly serves as a manifestation of the inner machinations of my mind. it also doubles as a failsafe, just in case I become an amnesiac or something of the sort. Feel free to take a look to learn even more about me!

I see a lot of people stating their favorite drink, so mine is iced tea (like, completely unsweet).


Posted 2023-05-04 21:02:56

heyo im prim :]] im 17, i use she/they/he pronouns. i found this place thru neocities and thought it looked fun so here i am!!

my hobbies consist mostly of digital art (mostly ocs) and reading, however im hoping to add things like flower pressing and perhaps crochet over this summer. ive learned html/css in the past however i did not retain the knowledge so im currently in the process of re-teaching myself!

if i had to pick a single favorite drink, it’d probably be skim milk since i drink so much of it. however when i go out for food i usually get a sprite, and i also really like coca cola vanilla :]

ayo im prim etherealprimrose on status cafe

Posted 2023-05-11 14:48:03

hi everyone! I'm colorata :3. I'm from Italy if you wonder. I'm a trans girl but i try to not base my whole personality on that lmaoo.

My hobbies consist of ricing unix systems (best "hobby" ever), playing video games (mainly minecraft and hoi4, the rest got kinda boring for me), i create pixel arts sometimes when I feel inspired lol.

My favorite drink is probably tea, any kind of it

i use arch btw

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she/her, MtF. likes sleeping too much

Posted 2023-05-13 21:37:18

Hi! I'm glad this place exists.

I'm Jessica (she/her)(26ish y/o). I'm finally starting to carve out really cozy places for myself on the internet and turning my back on the way the mainstream internet has become.

I like indie games, cozy games, learning to code/develop, art in a variety of mediums, my cats, animated movies, reading, and a bunch of other stuff cause I'm always adding new interests like every 2 weeks (hello ADHD).

Anywho. This is like twitter but totally not and I'm here for it. Thanks for being cool, everyone.

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Posted 2023-05-22 23:45:58

Hi, I go by august, or chrysanthemum! I'm 16, and use he/him pronouns (but he/they is also cool!). Recently I've become very interested in indie web/old web stuff, so this site is a perfect addition to the million things I'm trying to start/learn rn!

I like to paint and draw, and also REALLY love music, like a ton a ton. I like animal crossing and zelda games (and I really like lore and theories about them). I'm currently trying to learn HTML/CSS, and will work on it a lot this summer, since I want my website to not be like, blank lol.

Favorite drink is just ice water

chrysanthemum812 is my account on the not forum part, idk what to call it

Posted 2023-05-25 17:05:05

I'm Storm! I'm currently hyperfixating on coding again. Been looking to RSS stuff. While it confuses me I wanna try it out, and I found this place! I'm having a lot of fun learning more about coding :D

My favorite drinks are chocolate milk and hot cocoa!

Hey there! I'm Storm!

Posted 2023-06-06 07:18:48

i am an the owner of a cool blog sharing my niche interests. i lived in web1, fuck 3. bring back static pages, bring back the classic internet pre-corporate conglomerate where it was centered around community. Trans rights baybee, lessgo!

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Posted 2023-06-08 11:03:14

hello! my name's rookie, i'm from portugal. i speak english and portuguese and i'm learning french. over the past couple years i've found myself obsessed with this kind of early web stuff (even though i rarely experienced it, lol).

i LOVE music (the clash, the pogues, the specials, talking heads, tmbg, etc... it all comes from my parents!) though i dont plan on ever making music. i plan on starting a cd collection.. but i've only got 3 to my name so far. i have a sort of fascination with the nintendo ds and wii, i've started a sort of "collection" of ds games, though i've only got like 5. it still counts though! one last thing: i absolutely LOVE drawing. i've got a whole bunch of ocs i love to draw. i have a story i wanna make with them but im still sorting stuff out, lol.

my favourite drink is probably peach flavoured iced tea :3c

animation is cinema

Posted 2023-06-13 06:34:53

hey all, I'm Owen from Florida. I study computer science in uni and philosophy on my own.

I've gotten into the indie web lately, and like to build my own/self host internet things. My other interests are progressive music, movies, and inline skating.

My favorite drink is milk

"bababooey bitch" | | he/they

Posted 2023-06-17 03:21:10

hello. i'm an anonymous internet user posting from a kitchen table. thank you for allowing me to register to your site. (:

at work i do clicky-clack things for 8 hours, and then for a hobby, i click-clack stories that i hope might be good enough for people to read and say, gee this is pretty swell. i also really like folk music, but not like the boring kind. (:

i used to be in graduate school during the night, but then my heart borked, and now i don't spend all night writing papers on authors. instead i do it without paying tuition or a grade. :D

(erm, because i haven't figured out a way to do comments, you can email me a comment, and then i'll create a way to present comments. haha)

other things i like - the owl from animal crossing, riding very fast on bikes, walks, mai waif, and video games.

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Posted 2023-06-18 22:46:24

hiiiii im agnes aka milokotone ("peach" in tagalog is milokoton + "tone" like color)

im 26, he/they, and i'm a sag sun leo moon taurus rising and gemini passing lmao

im a visual communication student who's also minoring in cinematic arts

i love collecting stickers and stationery and i also have my own deco sticker shop !

you can find me on IG @ milokotone | |

also i love coffee milk

26 he/they viscom major, cinematic arts minor, lifelong learner

Posted 2023-06-25 05:14:28

Hello, it’s crayoncapsule~!!

I’m new to smolweb/web revival stuff, but—phew—social media is exhausting! I’m excited to indulge in a forum space like this again and looking forward to trying website construction too!

My hobbies are drawing, reading, and gardening. Right now, I am trying to update my portfolio with illustrations; the theme is childhood nostalgia! I also like to make playlists for different moods!

My favorite drink is a latte with lots of foam. ☕️✨

I’m looking forward to connecting and exploring!


Posted 2023-06-29 21:33:02

Hi, my name's Tessa! I'm just a polish guy who likes to discover smallest silliest corners of The Internets.

I'm a HTML beginner and even though it's hard and exhausing I like to learn. I live in the most random country you could think of. I'm holding a plush carrot as I'm writing this. From other things I like all kinds of dolls, anime games kind of stuff, shoujo manga and everything obscure enough. :3

My goal is to at least start creating a neocities site before the end of the year and. Yeah I like being a mysterious entity 🐑🐇🤍


Posted 2023-07-01 21:58:06

hihi! i am celine! i am a teenage girl living on the internet ~ i like indulging in fun things online and this is jsut one of many of 'em (o´ω'o)ノ

i enjoy web design, rpg maker games and television !! i am pretty open minded when it comes to these ~~

i own which is a very personal and dear website to me 😸~ o(^▽^)o

Last edited on 2023-07-01 21:59:43

(∩´∀`)∩ ~ stream ocean blvd

Posted 2023-07-10 17:26:18

hello! I’m grampus (or gramp, whichever you prefer). i’m just your average lad who wants to enjoy themself on the internet. i found this site through neocities, and it looked fun, so i’m giving it a shot :P

contrary to a lot of people here, i’m not big on coding, i just like having a website. instead, i spend a lot of time on my hobbies of illustration, writing, and playing games.

if you’re curious and want to learn more, you can visit my site: :D

favorite drink: that’s a hard one. either a really nice iced cold brew coffee with milk, or some kind of fancy lemonade, like lavender honey or strawberry basil.

jermy they/them

Posted 2023-07-17 13:54:45

hi!!1 i'm Riley, i'm 14. sum thingz i like r music, guitar, drawing, hiphop, music, anime, scene kids and other alt subcultures. i'm Argentinian and a New zealander. my passion is playing the guitar and singing :]

also, i'm REALLY into music, i listen to a lot of it!!1

this is my site: (under construction)

favourite drink: iced chocolate and iced coffee.

song of tha week: Motor City Steel by The Dandy Warhols

Posted 2023-07-17 15:29:45

hi im ghost and im a ghost

i draw and i like kitties

oh also im very sleepy rn

hello earth people

Posted 2023-07-20 16:19:50

Hello! I’m moonpr1sm, I’m 36 and use she/her pronouns. I’m so happy to get into web revival because this is the internet I loved most as a kid in the late 90’s/early 00s! ^_^ I am not so good at coding yet so my site is under construction until it is more presentable lol but for now you can find my illustrations on IG @ moonpr1sm. I also hang out on Neopets as moonpr1sm!

Hope everyone is having a good time 🌷


Posted 2023-07-25 12:03:13

ullo, i'm riotgrrrlie, in my 20s, she/her, currently obsessed with crochet (tho i also do lots of embroidery and sew stuff) and neglecting writing my masters thesis. i miss early 2000s internet a lot and also want to get into coding again, so here i am.

i'll make a neocities when i finally send that painful first thesis draft. :| wish me luck besties

live fast die young bad girls stay hydrated and don't take drugs

Posted 2023-07-27 05:43:52

hellooo i go by jules, i'm 16 and any pronouns are good w me. i recently discovered indie web (or whtv u wanna call it) and its been really fun exploring this part of the internet. i'm learning html so i can work on my own neocities. i like terraria, drawing, & hiphop and thats IT!!! thanks for having me

favourite drink: mango juice

Last edited on 2023-07-27 05:44:16

hi whaddup

Posted 2023-07-31 22:14:03

Heyo, just realized I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Med, I'm 23, and I like doing stuff on Neocities sometimes. I am a bit rusty with HTML, so I'm relearning a lot from when I made my first Tumblr themes lol.

I am normal about visual novels.

Posted 2023-08-02 12:14:57

hello! im chaos, 17 and i use xe/hx/.exe/ae pronouns but he/they is also good!!! im indian :3 and british and i have been meaning to delve into this part of the internet for a while but just found the energy to do it! slowly learning html so i can build an EPIC neocities page >:] i like coding, playing minecraft and thinking about dnd, drawing and astronomy <3 anddd thats it! yippee!!


Posted 2023-08-03 21:28:21

Hello, I'm Lune! I'm a viet girl studying animation. I love iyashikei, jfashion, and rabbits. I'm better at designing layouts than I am at coding webpages, but I'm having a ton of fun regardless! Here is my personal site...

who up cloving they bell

Posted 2023-08-04 19:41:38

Hello !! I'm still figuring this out. My name's Cupcakes, and I found this site through Neocities ! I like fashion, music, anything creative really. Here's my site if you're interested :


Posted 2023-08-06 23:32:01

Hello! I'm Aevisia (Aka The Cozy Cat). I'm an old millennial, still worshiping my youth. I'm an open source enthusiast, freedom enthusiast, privacy enthusiast - I'm basically just enthusiastic about freedom of expression away from big tech, hence, what lead me here! :D

I love:

  • Cozy Gaming
  • Crafts
  • Spirituality
  • Graphic & Web Design
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • All the creative things.

You can find me over at my personal site: :) if you visit, don't forget to sign the guestbook and I'll come visit you back! ♥


Posted 2023-08-18 19:03:51

☆ Hello! Call me Zee or usually many call me HIPE

☆ Pronos are He/Him

Animation meme is my passion! I am also learning HTML and other Coding languages(still a beginner wahh)

I also working on a project for my Oc and Indie Games stuff

I found this site through Neocities and am excited to learn more about this part of the internet!

my apologies for any of my actions If I have done anything wrong ><)/

This is my personal Neocities site! :

It's not finished yet but feel free to visit ☆

My Name is Zee!

Posted 2023-08-28 15:11:00

hello! i'm lauren ^^

she/her • 30 • US • pisces

this website is very reminiscent of the internet i grew up on- i'm so glad it exists! i like music, videogames, and going out to eat with friends. i'm a graphic designer and love risographing. my ig is @not__exactly if you want to take a look at my work.

favorite drink: black coffee


Posted 2023-09-14 03:58:13

hi everyone! this is a fun little site to mess around with, im excited to check out other peoples personal sites and add the status widget to my own. i post recipes that i make over on , check it out if ur interested and maybe leave a comment if u find one u like! i also make music, eventually i’d like to put a music player with my own stuff on my site too. hmu if you’d like, i love talking to people :)


Posted 2023-09-19 21:52:19

Hello! I'm Jason. As others have said, I'm drawn to the Internet of my youth and excited to explore platforms with a deliberate simplicity. In a fugue depressive state, I registered, snagged a key, and am dipping a toe into the Gemini waters.

Professionally, I am a librarian for a midsized midwest US university. Spare time, I tinker with music and tabletop role-playing adventure writing. I'm happy to talk your ear off about lightweight retro-clones, and I'm spending a lot of time learning Classic Traveller.

My favorite drink is probably a gin & tonic, but there's nothing wrong with a strong black coffee.

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My Status

Posted 2023-09-21 15:51:20


I'm Simon from Birmingham, England and just at the moment I'm having a wonderful time exploring the nice side of the Internet, like and . The sorts of places I thought were lost forever, crushed under weight of the attention economy.

My favourite drink is coffee on a school night and a negroni if it is the weekend.


Posted 2023-09-30 14:37:37


I'm Pierce. I'm from Germany.

found status café 'cause I now started a blog.

Anyway, I'm super excited to see what's going on here!

And my favourite drink is the mandatory coffee.


Posted 2023-10-25 06:36:50

hi, i go by many names online but the most consistent as of late has been eva (id also accept evelyn or zoe)- whatever pronouns you use for yourself, use em for me. US-based, old enough to drink but never done so.

i like, or have passing interests in:

  • fighting games (big A.B.A guilty gear fan)
  • cooking (but i dont do it myself often)
  • drawing/writing (have been in a rut for a long time unfortunately)
  • music (history, culture, production, etc.)
  • mechanical keyboards (never built one but i love hobby stuff like em)
  • CRTs (and other old tech)
  • true crime (my toxic trait)

saw a widget on someone else's site and thought it looked neat, decided to try it out.

my site is found at which also links back to my twitter and tumblr.

my favorite drink might be a peanut butter milkshake, or a nice root beer.

(edit: i made irresponsible purchases of $25 and now i have neocities supporter and a custom domain)

Last edited on 2023-10-25 21:39:11

babys got the bends

Posted 2023-11-21 18:52:47

Hi all, i'm Nick ! English is not my first language, but i sometimes forget words in italian and remember the english ones is confusing. Might make a nest here somewhere on a branch, don't mind me ('=,=').



Posted 2023-11-30 07:17:36

Hi my name is jimjaammm/JJ, feel free to address me however you'd like; I'm vietnamese-american and use all pronouns.

I found status cafe through someone's neocities, though I'm not terribly interested in coding- I thought I should just join heha

I'm interested in...

Valorant, Risk of Rain 2, Minecraft, Reading (Omniscient reader's viewpoint), and Art!

You can message me @/jimjaammm1 on Instagram or discord!!

My favorite drink is Honey vanilla milk


Posted 2023-12-06 20:50:58

hello! we're manyface, a system hosted by jáščer (j for short). our body is 24 and you can use they/them collectively or if you don't know who's fronting.

we like making art (abstract and other kinds), writing (mostly poetry, which we perform at open mics), and taking photos! we also have a bachelors degree in mathematics.

other things we like are reading books, listening to music, learning conlangs, making ocs, studying religion, and making crafts.

our website is and it has links to lots of other places, if you'd like to contact us!

our favourite drink, collectively, is probably peach iced tea, just because j drinks so much of it...


Posted 2023-12-11 21:34:12

yo, name is benrey. pronouns she/they. I'm just some girl on the internet who likes big guns, combat knives, and drawing. I want to make a neocities one day...

english is not my first language so I sincerely apologize if there's any grammar or spelling errors here

I really like nine inch nails, TOOL, aphex twin, machine girl, and the prodigy! my favourite album of all time has to be the downward spiral from NIN.

I'm taken by my beautiful talented cute pretty husband who I love sososooooo much!!! ^_^

Last edited on 2024-01-11 02:25:28


Posted 2023-12-20 23:09:22

hey y'all ! i'm coyote/xalli [pronounced shawl-lee] and my pronouns are she/him + zie/him ! i'm pretty young, but really drawn to this kind of experience on the internet. i have a neocities site, but i honestly mostly use it as a portfolio ! i'm much more regularly active and part of a community on spacehey :]

i'm a writer & poet, zinester, and bassist mainly ! and i really want to study compsci engineering & neuroscience in order to do cool biotech research. it's really nice to meet all y'all ! super excited to check out people's websites and figure out how participating in community on here really works !

a favorite drink is pretty hard... i mainly love mango lassi, jamaica, mate, and matcha tea, i think !


Posted 2023-12-26 19:43:16

hey everyone! i go by bea on most platforms and my preferred pronouns are she/her, but i don't mind they/them either. I'm interested in many topics, if I get a chance to learn something new i'm interested!

some of my interests include:

- teas, cooking/baking

- perfumery, crotchet, vintage beauty and trinkets

- astronomy, languages, history/mythology

- photography, art in various forms, writing in various forms (been into songwriting as of late)

- sustainability, environmental conservation

my favorite drink is a good sweet tea, favorite soda is dr. pepper

i have yet to build a website so heres my spacehey!


Posted 2024-01-08 21:49:41

Hiya! I'm Finnialla. I'm an aspiring screenwriter, novelist, poet, and artist who wants to create queer stories found in dumpsters and in the back of stores with blacked out curtains. I am non binary and bisexual and my pronouns are they/them/theirs.

When I'm not writing, I'm usually running into the woods and screaming, but I also enjoy reading, making zines, and listening to music.

My favorite drink would probably be iced tea or lemonade. I'm definitely an old man in a young persons body, so I order Arnold Palmer's any chance I can.

My portfolio is if you want to check out my work or just want to hang out or if you want to run into the woods with me. I'm down with whatever.

I'm not in your bushes, don't check out there.

Posted 2024-01-11 02:31:43

Hi! I'm Toki, my pronouns are he/it, I'm Puerto-Rican and love playing all sorts of video games <3

Some things I like

- As said before, I love to play video games, I'll try most anything

- Aspiring biology major

- I have a lizard!

- I love music and finding new music my favorite artists are Venetian Snares, Dethklok, and Scissor Sisters

- Big sci-fi nerd and I build gunpla

- (Attempting) to learn HTML

Favorite Drink: Thai tea or Dr. Pepper


Posted 2024-01-17 00:48:18

Hey everyone! My name is David.

I love:

  • All things tech and digital
  • Communication, debate, discussion
  • Nintendo games, in particular those from the Nintendo 64 and GameCube era
  • Content creation, including making videos and writing

Happy to be here! Great to meet each of you.

Last edited on 2024-01-17 00:50:27


Posted 2024-01-18 19:16:09

hi, everybody! i'm zwerg (he/they), and i've been poking around with different small web, shared hosting projects like this for the last couple years as i jump ship from the major platforms. it's great to be here :)

i do a lot of reading (mostly nonfiction: critical theory, history, theology), cooking, and baking

favorite drink is still coffee, but as part of my new year's re-evaluation i'm switching to a black tea in the afternoon for calmer nerves and better sleep


Posted 2024-01-26 04:56:57

yello ! im everett or emmy idc either one i respond to (but i figure some online know be my infamous name... mcwinx...) i like websites and am weird. my favorite drink is soda or water depending on my mood XD

i am learning a second language!! tsalagi!! osiyo!!

anywho i write sometimes and my passion is to be awesome and do awesome.

somehow this reads lame.

i dont have any actual website set up since im lamee and lazy w coding but :)! ya!


Posted 2024-01-29 08:12:45

Hello everyone! My name's tam (she/her). I'm super keen to see what's happening around here! I'm into like a million things:

- working on my website, although I also tend let it lie fallow for months at a time too

- making games with twine, bitsy and zzt (I also one day want to make a game using decker!)

- writing and drawing

- reading books (recently finished Health Communism, and now started Empire of Normality, so on a real radical kick)

- videogames!!! (muddling around in a pokemon crystal romhack!)

Coffee's the drink I drink on the regular, but any day I can get bubble tea (like, any kind) is a good day.


Posted 2024-02-05 18:36:33

hiii im cloudydusk! i run the neocities site of the same name & i'm excited to be here! i use they/them & a couple of other neopronouns. i'm in college right now, so a Bunch of my statuses r probably gonna be about that. i draw sometimes too


Posted 2024-02-10 07:36:38

Hello everyone! Name's Rudi, I go by He/Him, and I'm a comp sci student who has been looking into old internet stuff relating to Neocities and found this lil place. It's definitely cool to find a site that doesn't feel like it's being influenced by unknown algorithms that might be driving us to our doom(?), just a nice place to post some simple stuff, see the other simple stuff people are posting, and leave.

Anyways I have a personal site at which I may blog on or just keep as a cool lil landing page, but it's nice to be here :)


Posted 2024-02-13 07:27:24

Hi everyone, I'm Voiceless, this time I'm a weaver. I like birds, I'm a bit cringe and I also began to form some semblance of a neocities page. My brain has been fried by social medias for years, I'm trying to detach myself from them. My pronouns are he/him.

Please don't mind me, I'm simply an avian creature.

Posted 2024-02-21 12:16:48

Hello everyone! My name is Anugerah and I am from Indonesia. I love minimalism and living on the smallweb. Nice to meet you all!

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