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Posted 2022-02-12 11:57:44

I've been meaning to create this place for a while, so I'm happy to launch it! Whether you're a morning or an evening person, it's meant to be a nice little place to hang-out as you're drinking your hot beverage. The Café is a small place so don't expect many people to hang around there, nor many things to happen. It's all about taking things slowly.


Posted 2022-02-12 21:13:00

I'm glad to see the launch of the Status Cafe forum! However, I feel like https://vpub.miso.town should be more focused on the forum software itself.

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Posted 2022-02-13 06:06:49

Yes, that's a correct! I will start re-organizing the boards on vpub.miso.town to reflect that soon.


Posted 2022-02-15 10:50:10

oh, there's another forum? i'm confused (this is the first m15o site i've found (there seems to be quite a few))


Posted 2022-02-16 21:13:51
> oh, there's another forum?

Actually yes! It was used for testing mostly. Now that this one is up, the previous one will be focus around the forum software itself.

> this is the first m15o site i've found

Haha hope you get to find the other ones soon!


Posted 2022-02-17 05:26:00

vpub is pretty neat. i grew up posting on forums, as well as tinkering with the source code of some php board software, which was pretty fun to dig through and learn how it all worked. i'm pretty beckoned by this software seeing as how simple it is. excited to see where this thing goes!

(i'd join the other board to talk about it but all of the keys have expired)


Posted 2022-02-17 08:02:53

Let me send you one key over by email. :)


Posted 2022-03-14 04:03:34

woot. good to see more forums propping back up around the web.

> and green text formatting? very neat

Posted 2022-03-22 20:03:33

This is nice, my discourse forum feels very bloated now.


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