What have you been building recently?

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Posted 2022-02-14 16:08:17

Let's kick off this board with a simple one: what are you currently building? What inspired you to build it? Feel free to share some link, we want to see it!


Posted 2022-03-01 12:02:05

I've been building my homepage at https://gh0stprince.neocities.org/. I wanted to build it because I'm pretty tired of having to hang out at the same old corporate websites, and having a space where I can express myself properly is pretty important to me.

I've also wanted a portfolio page for my art, and it serves as that too :P


Posted 2022-03-09 03:52:39

Looks cool, gh0stprince! Just a quick bit of feedback; on my laptop's screen size and resolution, the site is zoomed in enough that some of the images on the sides cover the content. I have to zoom out to 80% to achieve the effect I think you intended.

Did you make the images for the social buttons yourself?


Posted 2022-04-19 19:59:43

I've been also building my site - https://yot.neocities.org/ . I had a blank page for a really long time and then one day when I was bored I was like fuck it and put a bunch of random quotes. Since then I just keep adding more and more quotes whenever I'm bored


Posted 2022-04-20 05:30:23

I like the "A quote a day keeps the doctor away" one. ;) Welcome yot!


Posted 2022-07-08 14:58:26

I have two websites that I'm working on:

- https://www.bunbun.de : my personal XHTML-only, non-styled website that's mostly for professional stuff, tech stuff and opinions (with a blog). This is my "irl" site.

- https://www.libre.town : a playful retro web style site written in XHTML that holds my personal projects such as writings, code, photographs and stuff, but built as an explorable town that you navigate as a hypertext, with NPCs, secrets, locations, GIFs, and so on. :D

The latter is still super early in development so almost everything leads to a 404, but I am working on it a bit every day. :)

21 years old nonbinary friend from Germany. retro web enthusiast, linguist, friend to bunnies, gnu/linux user, free software activist c:

Posted 2022-08-16 02:22:17

I'm currently working on a PlayStation game called BUTCHER.

I'm under as ORDS on status.cafe

Posted 2022-09-21 15:07:54

im building a site with as little modern html or anything really above the public xhtml.

i might be writing my own imageboard or textboard and stuff with the same style.

im making music as well i have a soundcloud i publish some songs to it.

working on my music rhythm game collection. i have 1 controller out of 2 more i want then maybe a cav for one game.

working on a better emacs file.

my personal server has a lot of storage now like 402 gb.

working on privacy and allowing sites to acces through tor and others i dont like cloudflare at all. i think it a bad idea to give a compnay that much power.

language wise im trying to learn russia/japanese/chinese for investment reason and others.

i want to start my own computer business i dont have a college or uni degree.

trying to make webistes in xhtml format and not like above xhtml 1.0 era.