what anime do u like?

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Posted 2024-02-14 05:16:15

i like azumanga daioh and nichijou


Posted 2024-02-14 06:12:20

woah good taste op i love those too esp azumanga, a old childhood fav <3

i like those types of anime and slice of life

and magical girls (sailor moon, ccs, tokyo mew mew, princess yushi, princess tutu, saint tail)

i also do enjoy a bit of roms and romcoms (watching furaba rn!)

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Posted 2024-04-14 01:00:10

saiki k. will always be my comfort anime... it's just simple and not a lot to take :3

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Posted 2024-04-22 06:54:25

kinda all over the place ngl

as far as recent shows ive been enjoying tsukimichi: moonlight fantasy, mashle, frieren, apothecary diaries, & jjk

also just picked up "the raven does not choose its master" and im feral for new eps

(i also loved saiki k & nichijou c: silly slice of life shows are my go-tos for background noise rewatching lol)

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Posted 2024-04-27 10:55:31

The latest one I like is Romantic Killer, it was short but unexpectedly good throughout the series. Ouran High School Host Club is my forever favorite. Honorable mentions for Daily Lives of High School Boys, Blue Period, and Assassination Classroom lol

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Posted 2024-04-29 11:25:04

honestly ive got too many to name, but, as of right now i'm currently watching run with the wind and it's a really refreshing take on an anime about sports.

seeing each character grow and develop into becoming a better runner for a relay marathon, all the while encouraging each other to keep pushing on, is really inspiring. it's gotten me back into running too, though i do it just as a hobby and as excerise haha

also learnt that it was originally a novel, might give it a read once i've gotten better at japanese.