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Among the underworlds of the Internet that tend to be little explored are websites that use Dynamic DNS (known by the acronym DDNS).

Dynamic DNS is basically used to associate a variable IP address to a domain name on the Internet dynamically. Instead of having a fixed, static IP address for a domain name, Dynamic DNS allows the IP address to be updated automatically whenever it changes.

This is useful in situations where the IP address of a device or server changes frequently, such as residential Internet connections or mobile connections.

Some applications and use cases for dynamic DNS include:

• Remote access

• Web site hosting

• Security cameras

• Game servers

• IoT device access

• In other words: a whole universe to explore.

ddns search is a meta-search engine that uses Programmable Search Engine to search for content on the most popular DDNS providers.

Currently, the search is limited to the following domains:

















Some of the most popular TCP ports are also used, such as 8080, 8888, among others.

What can be found with this meta-search engine?

Given the nature of the DDNS service, it is possible to find everything from blogs that are only published in subdomains of these services, to IoT device dashboards, weather stations software, amateur radio programs, pre-production systems, etc.

I still remember some of the treasures that I found in my exploratory sessions:

Sunset View WebCam (Dave and Jayne Ashworth)

Beautiful view of a camera controlled by a Raspberry Pi, with weather data.


• Juan Galaz

Juan Galaz is an amateur programmer, lover of Linux, who shares different topics on his site: from programming to an incredible collection of webcams:


• Juan Lunas

Juan Lunas has a page where he groups a considerable number of cameras installed in the public thoroughfare of what appears to be the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain.


• Luca Carlon

Luca, a computer engineer from Italy, has a blog that talks about computing in general. The site is hosted on a Raspberry Pi.


• William R. Walsh

Excellent website by William R. Walsh who describes himself as: “a fairly normal (read: boring) white male in his 30s. I like tinkering with computers and electronics, something that should be pretty obvious when you visit the site".


Weather stations


Amateur Radio Software




If you find something interesting, don't hesitate to share it :)

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