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Posted 2023-11-25 13:20:34

I made this site where you can sign up, register your pages, create webrings, and add your pages to other webrings. It gives you the HTML to copy on your site so you're in the ring.

The site just went up yesterday so it's not very active. But I'd recommend joining my webring ( since it's easy to do, it will automatically accept your page, and while you're there you can look at what it would be like to make your own webring.

So like yeah... basically the next time someone asks, "How do I make a webring," send them to my site and they can do it there. Hopefully one day it will have more users and more rings and more pages.

But... the only way that's gonna happen is if people go there and make accounts and add their pages to webrings :P

Let me know what you think.


Posted 2023-11-29 07:03:49

Seems awesome. I just signed up!


Posted 2023-12-05 15:54:05


At first, it took me a bit to get to the ring administration section, for example: to approve the sites that want to join the ring. Beyond that, I find it a super interesting and necessary tool.

Are you thinking about adding "premium" accounts? I ask because I see that in the account section, the account is marked as FREE.

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Posted 2024-04-30 06:17:59

look cool might give it a shot later.