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Posted 2023-11-17 01:20:48

Are there any plans to allow users to sort and view old statuses by the months?

It would be fun to look back on!

We can scroll through old posts, but if someone has many updates or is a long-time user, that can become tedious after a few pages.

It would be very helpful to have links that can display all of our statuses from certain time periods (years-months would be useful - Example: June 2023, March 2020).

If you've seen blog website archives, you would know what I mean. It can be very simple, like just a link with the year and month name that filters our statuses by what meet the metadata criteria.

It's just a cute idea I would enjoy to see, since I can't figure out how to do it myself on this site. :D

I love StatusCafe because it is so cozy and customisable, unlike other places. It makes me feel both comfortable and safe. I hope to use it while I can. Thank you to the dev for making it! <3

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Posted 2023-11-25 05:35:39

This is a great idea~