Can we remove the "Subscribe via Atom" link?

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Posted 2023-10-31 06:31:15

And if so, would anyone know how to do so? Thank you!


Posted 2023-11-03 19:57:17

Right! So.

To hide something in CSS, you need to style it with 'display: none;'. The link you're talking about doesn't have a class or id in the source code, but you can still select it by its href attribute. It would look something like this:

[href="/users/ainnadesu.atom"] { display: none; }

This would work! However, it would also hide all the other links to your profile's Atom feed that you might want to have. To avoid that, you'll have to disambiguate some other way — for example, adding an :only-child selector (and if your other link's an only child too, adding an empty span tag beside it)

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Posted 2023-11-12 14:31:03

^Worked like a charm. Thank you for this, jsmith!