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Posted 2022-10-04 02:29:09

So for the past month Ive been working on this little top down RTS game.

Yall can check it out here.

# Controls:

- WASD to move the camera.

- Hold left shift to move quicker.

- P / Esc to pause.

- Left click to select units / bases.

- Right click to command units to move to the mouse position.

- Middle click to deselect all units and bases.

# The Game:

- There are two teams: Yellow and Purple.

- You start on yellow but can switch teams in the pause menu (This will not be in the final version).

- Each team can spawn units from bases captured by them (just click on a team aligned base, and click on one of the icons at the bottom).

- Note that only the sword unit (officially called a trooper) can be spawned as of current.

- Teams can capture bases by sending units to the base that they want to capture.

- How close a tower is to being captured can be seen in the bottom right while that tower is selected.

- Units will automatically attack enemies in range.

- Units have a 1 in 70 chance to land a crit, which deals 3x damage and creates a star particle effect.

# Notes

- The game currently experiences a huge lag issue with rendering

- Im going to have to add a bunch of graphical optimization options to make this work.

- WebGL also breaks alot of the particle effects I had made because it doesnt support compute shaders, so I cant use VFX Graph in WebGL builds.

- The game runs fine on standalone builds, but it gets chopped up by WebGL.

- And I have to use WebGL because this game is for a competition that requires that the game be playable in browser.

- TL;DR: WebGL is the root of all evil and if WebGPU was finished then all of my problems would be solved.

# Plans

- Fix all the broken particle effects and lag that WebGL caused.

- Make units take some time to spawn, queuing up excess spawns.

- Add in two kinds of resources used for making units, gold and wood.

- Add all the unit types:

- Miners: Collect gold and wood, slow and fragile.

- Troopers: Already in the game, basic infantry unit. Mid-high speed, somewhat fragile.

- Archers: Fires arrows at nearby enemies, and runs away from those who get to close to comfort. (Counters griffins by being able to shoot them midair). Mid-low speed, fragile.

- Irons: Durable units with a sledgehammer and an energy shield. (Counters archers by being able to block all their arrows.) Mid-high speed, durable.

- Griffins: Aerial units with a jetpack and a spear that deals stun on hit. (Counters irons by being able to stay safely out of their attacking range, then swooping in to stun them). Fast and somewhat fragile.

- Warlocks: Powerful magic units that are heavily reliant on a yet to be applied building system. (Long story short: certain buldings can be placed around points, and each one has their own unique effect along with a spell that they can give to linked warlocks). Normal speed, durable.

- Engineer: A unit that can build up to 3 small robots each, which will fight for them. Slow, somewhat fragile.

- Gadgets: Built by engineers, act alot llike troopers. Fast and fragile.

- Goliaths: A huge, tanky unit that can sweep up and stun crowds of enemies. Slow and very durable.

- Add the afformentioned building system

- No im not listing all the buildings here there are like 12.

- Get an actual name for this game.

- I have a total of 9 missions planned for the games campaign, and I will need to make an enemy ai for them.

- Steal an actual name for this game.

- Go to sleep.

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Posted 2022-10-04 18:30:30

Just noticed some bugs that are causing the UI to go all wonky, will be fixing those too.

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Posted 2022-12-02 23:48:27

alright just added like, a quarter of the game. future updates will be on my site.

also the building system got killed in favor of a less complicated system that i will also not be explaining

run it on the lowest possible graphics settings if you want to have frames

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