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Posted 2022-08-12 17:25:56

I created a 100% free forum website service (since 2017 - now). Every User as as a forum creator automatically become a site forum admin who can edit his/her forum site template at will, apply CSS, Javascript, and various other codes. User/Creator can also point URLs to his/her own custom domain.

I invite all Status Cafe friends to try and use it here: Create a Forum ⇗ !

Once created, the site forum will automatically display in English. You can translate it into your language, you are free to post in your language (Every web forum created is supported with unlimited: posts/topics, users/members, and forever free).

If you encounter problems in the forum creation process, then you can ask me here by replaying this post.

I invite all friends here who are proficient to play css/javascript code as they please and apply the results directly on the forum site that has been created !

Example Theme Created by user

Example Forum Theme Created by User

(I`m Sorry: I use google translate to create this english post)

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