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Posted 2022-07-16 19:47:51

Hey there! I'm really impressed with this service. No JavaScript, no tracking, no BS. I'm a big fan of the forum, as well. (Is it running ?)

I see that you have Atom feeds for users, I was wondering if you would consider integrating with twtxt[1] as well. Twtxt is a decentralized microblogging system that is built on a single human-and-machine-readable text file.

The base file format of twtxt is simple but quite limited. There are some (completely optional and backwards compatible) extensions[2] to the format that were created to make it easier to express yourself and interact with others. The extensions add limited Markdown support, multi-line posts, and some other features.

Anyone using a twtxt client could follow a feed and see new statuses without having to check the Web page or open a news reader. I believe twtxt would fit in well here, and it would improve the accessibility of people's feeds.



Thank you, and have a great day.

--McKinley (@<mckinley>)

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