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Posted 2022-07-01 07:09:31

Not much of a plus though. I just couldn't think of another name for this fork :)

Anyhoo, I made a fork of this project on my github, where I will periodically make improvements to it, but this may conflict with the simplicity of the project - so probably only fixes will be sent to the vpub. Right now there is not much, just more detailed readme and some github actions for releases. Planning to add markdown tables and more.

And I also need to figure out how to send patches to the vpub sourcehut repo, because the only way any of my changes land to it is through email

Take a look at vpub-plus!

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Posted 2022-07-02 19:31:54

And probably the first thing that I will add is tables, heh

Tracking issue: https://github.com/hugmouse/vpub-plus/issues/1

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Posted 2022-08-13 11:47:56

Now you can specify the site language, and also use headings in your posts!

Release 1.0.5: https://github.com/hugmouse/vpub-plus/releases/tag/1.0.5