What's the character limit?

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Posted 2024-05-08 09:44:48

I know it's something I could test myself, but I don't want to end up filling the homepage with a super long status that just says "TEST" a million times!

i like astrophyics

Posted 2024-05-09 17:06:14

It should be 140 characters, but if you remove the `maxlength="140"` from the `<textarea>` with the developer tools, you can circumvent that.

From reading the source code, there doesn't seem to be any server-side limit. The only requirement is that there should not be zero characters. So that leaves you with a few other limits:

  • About 1GB of text (a billion characters, less if you use emojis or more complicated Unicode stuff), because that's the maximum size of PostgreSQL's strings according to their docs.
  • Whatever maximum size the server will accept in the HTTP POST payload, which is certainly lower than that, maybe a few megabytes at most?
  • Whatever size the server will be able to handle without crashing!

And I would indeed recommend not trying that 😅